MLB All Underrated Team

C- Buster Posey

  • 8.0 WAR (1st in position)
  • $615k

1B- Edwin Encarnacion

  • 4.4 WAR (2nd in position)
  • $2.5 million

2B- Aaron Hill

  • 6.2 WAR (2nd in position)
  • $5.5 million

3B- Chase Headley

  • 7.6 WAR (2nd in position)
  • $3.475 million

SS- Ian Desmond

  • 5.4 WAR (2nd in position)
  • $513k

CF- Mike Trout

  • 10.0 WAR (1st in position)
  • League Minimum (less than $500k)

RF- Jason Heyward 

  • 6.6 WAR (4th in position)
  • $565k

LF- Alex Gordon

  • 5.9 WAR (8th in position)
  • $6 million

  • An underrated player is determined by looking at the player’s overall value to a team (WAR), total salary for the season, and the amount of press coverage the player receives. 
  • Players do not have to match all of these criteria obviously as Mike Trout for example garners plenty of press coverage, but makes the league minimum. This makes him an underrated player. 

Top 25 MLB Prospects 8.17.2012

1. Dylan Bundy- SP Baltimore Orioles

2. Jurrickson Profar- SS Texas Rangers

3. Gerrit Cole- SP Pittsburgh Pirates

4. Manny Machado- SS Baltimore Orioles

5. Jameson Taillon- SP Pittsburgh Pirates

6. Wil Myers- C/OF Kansas City Royals

7. Christian Yelich- OF Miami Marlins

8. Shelby Miller- SP St. Louis Cardinals

9. Trevor Bauer- SP Arizona Diamondbacks

10. Danny Hultzen- Seattle Mariners

11. Tyler Skaggs- SP Arizona Diamondbacks

12. Miguel Sano- SS/3B Minnesota Twins

13. Oscar Taveras- OF St. Louis Cardinals

14. Taijuan Walker- SP Seattle Mariners

15. Bubba Starling- OF Kansas City Royals

16. Julio Teheran- SP Atlanta Braves

17. Mike Zunino- C Seattle Mariners

18. Archie Bradley- SP Arizona Diamondbacks

19. Zack Wheeler- SP New York Mets

20. Xander Bogaerts- SS Boston Red Sox

21. Kyle Zimmer- SP Kansas City Royals

22. Joey Gallo- 1B/3B Texas Rangers

23. Michael Wacha- SP St. Louis Cardinals

24. Nolan Arenado- 3B Colorado Rockies

25. Kevin Gausman- SP Baltimore Orioles

Honorable Mentions-

Cody Martin- SP Atlanta Braves

Albert Almora- OF Chicago Cubs

Manny Banuelos- SP New York Yankees

Anthony Rendon- 2B/3B Washington Nationals

Lucas Giolito- SP Washington Nationals

Jake Odorizzi- SP Kansas City Royals

There are a lot of star-studded prospects out there, but as of right now my personal favorite is Dylan Bundy. The kid has what it takes to be the next Verlander/Strasburg type pitcher. Trust me, believe the hype with him. He’s got one of the best change-ups you will see in a minor league pitcher with an electric fastball touching 97-100 mph at times. 

I think there is only one big gap of talent on this list and it’s between the top 3, ending with Gerrit Cole, and the rest beginning with Manny Machado. I think everyone after and including Machado certainly has potential to become a star for their team, but those top three guys WILL become All-Stars and it will happen early on in their careers. 

Also, there are a few prospects I see that will make a big jump on lists around the country within the next season. The most recent draft class included guys such as Zimmer (21), Gallo (22), Wacha (23), Gausman (25), and Zunino (17). I believe that by the end of next season, everyone of these guys should make it into at least the top fifteen. They’re all terrific prospects with a lot to offer and have great farm systems to develop in. 

The biggest jump on this list is probably Christian Yelich (7) or Oscar Taveras (13). They’re similar prospects who offer all five tools (possibly six with plate discipline) and have progressed well at each level of the minors. I could see each of them reaching their teams sometime next season, especially Yelich. Taveras has a few roadblocks, but their is no question his talent will force his way into the bigs sometime soon. 

Lastly, are my least favorite prospects on this list. These would be Julio Teheran and Trevor Bauer. They are both pitchers with above average repertoires, however, the progression has not happened the way you would like it. They are both victims of injury call-ups which may have happened to soon for them and tampered with their progression. Both have seen major league action and have not been particularly successful. After they were sent down, both saw pretty big regressions in their numbers, especially their walks. Walks are one of the key things pitchers must work on in the minor leagues and not at the big league level. If you don’t get it fixed by your big call-up, you can completely break down in my opinion. No control causes worse numbers, worse numbers cause worse mentality, worse mentality causes breakdowns. However, both are still young prospects and can certainly rebound from a down 2012. I still see a little more potential in Bauer though. 

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MLB Power Rankings 8.4.2012

I haven’t done one of these in a while like I should be, so I figured now, an hour before game time on a saturday morning would be a decent time to begin. 

1. Texas Rangers- At least Texas has one good team still.. I’m a firm believer this is their year. 

2. Los Angeles Angels- Trout is MVP, Pujols coming along, Trumbo performing. Just added a guy named Greinke to go along with already insane staff. 

3. New York Yankees- Hitting home runs like nobodies business. Still a threat, as always. 

4. Cincinnati Reds- Great hitting team just like 2010. Votto-less and still’s tough to argue that. 

5. Washington Nationals- They’ve been consistent throughout the whole year and haven’t shown any signs of fading. Just added Werth back, terrific bullpen and outstanding rotation. We will see what happens with Strasburg though..

6. Los Angeles Dodgers- They just got a Star Power on Mario Kart. 

7. Atlanta Braves- Could be another collapse, but with Heyward back and everyone else seems to be performing, I don’t see it happening with the experience of last year. 

8. San Francisco Giants- The Giants have returned to World Series form, with some guys you might have actually heard of this time around..

9. Oakland Athletics- As if perfect timing, they remind me of the Moneyball squad, we’ll see how long the fire lasts.

10. St. Louis Cardinals- Still a top ten team, looking for a late push, don’t know if they can catch the Reds at this point. Wild-card hopeful. 

11. Chicago White Sox- Dunn and Rios comeback players of the year. Sale is a stud, Peavy back in top shape. What more can you ask for than to have everything go right?

12. Detroit Tigers- Thought they would be better by this point, tough to say if they’ll make the playoffs or not, but wouldn’t that be a disappointment? 

13. Pittsburgh Pirates- I still don’t believe they’re serious, but worth mentioning at this point. McCutchen still sitting around .370.. remarkable. 

14. Tampa Bay Rays- With Longoria coming back, I see them as the number one sleeper team. 

15. Arizona Diamondbacks- Arizona still has a decent team, they’ve just been quiet this season. I don’t see them pushing through the Dodgers or Giants, however. 

16. Boston Red Sox- It’s crazy to think they’re this far down, but maybe it’s crazy to think they’re this far up. 

17. Baltimore Orioles- Yeah, you all were right, they were a serious contender.. 

18. Toronto Blue Jays- Last in the division, but probably top 2 in every other division, but the West of course. 

19. New York Mets- I don’t know how I feel about rating them this high, but then I remembered, it’s still 18th overall, which is high for the Mets.

20. Cleveland Indians- “How’d you like to manage the Indians this year?” Lou Brown said it best. 

21. Seattle Mariners- Don’t look now, but Seattle has been kinda good the past two weeks, Kinda. 

22. Philadelphia Phillies-They still have the big three, regardless if they lost the whole damn outfield or not. 

23. Miami Marlins- What the hell’s going on here?

24. Milwaukee Brewers- Greinke-less and they still sucked before that. Braun is a lone stand out. 

25. Minnesota Twins- Where are these guys going besides nowhere?

26. San Diego Padres- Still no stars, but they have a good player in Headley. 

27. Kansas City Royals- Future is imminent, still. 

28. Chicago Cubs- They’re the Cubs, they suck… don’t feel bad for them. They’re suppose to suck. 

29. Colorado Rockies- Tulo went down and this happened.

30. Houston Astros- “Son, you’ve been demoted.” .. “But I’m already in AAA?” .. “You’ve been traded to the Astros.”

That about does’er. The Texas Rangers are still kickin’ ass and the Chicago Cubs are still suckin’ ass. 

MLB Power Rankings 4.4.2012

1. Texas Rangers

2. New York Yankees

3. Detroit Tigers

4. Los Angeles Angels

5. Tampa Bay Rays

6. Boston Red Sox

7. Atlanta Braves

8. Philadelphia Phillies

9. St. Louis Cardinals

10. Miami Marlins

11. Cincinnati Reds

12. Arizona Diamondbacks

13. Toronto Blue Jays

14. Milwaukee Brewers

15. San Francisco Giants

16. Los Angeles Dodgers

17. Colorado Rockies

18. Washington Nationals

19. Kansas City Royals

20. Cleveland Indians

21. Chicago White Sox

22. Oakland Athletics

23. New York Mets

24. Pittsburgh Pirates

25. Minnesota Twins

26. Baltimore Orioles

27. Seattle Mariners

28. San Diego Padres

29. Chicago Cubs

30. Houston Astros

I really have a tough time ranking these teams because you never really know pre-season who’s year it could be. I think their is about 3 or 4 groups of teams and I’d like to sort them out. 

Consistently at the top (Top playoff seeds)- These are teams that will most likely consistently stay ranked in the top eight throughout the season.

—Texas Rangers

—New York Yankees

—Detroit Tigers

—Los Angeles Angels

Borderline Playoff Teams- Ranked 5-12 consistently through the year. 

—Atlanta Braves

—Philadelphia Phillies

—St. Louis Cardinals

—Boston Red Sox

—Tampa Bay Rays

Middle of the pack- Ranked consistently 8-18 throughout the year. 

—Arizona Diamondbacks

—Miami Marlins

—Cincinnati Reds

—Toronto Blue Jays

—Milwaukee Brewers

Near the Bottom- Consistently Ranked 12-20

—Los Angeles Dodgers

—Colorado Rockies

—San Francisco Giants

—Cleveland Indians

—Washington Nationals

The Rest (Teams that don’t matter)- Consistently ranked 20-28

—New York Mets

—Minnesota Twins

—Chicago White Sox

—Oakland A’s

—Pittsburgh Pirates

—Baltimore Orioles

—Seattle Mariners

Going no where. (Battling for worst team in the league)

—Chicago Cubs..Epstein isn’t gonna save you from those guys you call a team just yet.

—Houston Astros..good luck..

Sleeper Teams- Biggest Upsides

—Toronto Blue Jays- It’ll be tough to break through the Rays, Yankees, and Red Sox for a playoff spot, but I believe if the Jays can stay healthy, it could be their year finally. 

—Atlanta Braves- Youth will be the name of the game here, mainly in the rotation. If their young, talented rotation holds up, they should have no problem at all competing with the Phillies for the top spot in the division. 

—Tampa Bay Rays- All around great team. Good lineup with Pena back and Longo healthy. Jennings will get full playing time. Not to mention a couple young stud pitchers..should make for a great division race. 

—Cincinnati Reds- Votto is locked up, still have Bruce, Phillips, Stubbs, and rookie Cozart sits atop a very solid lineup. Mesoraco can hopefully provide good upside behind the plate along with Heisey in left and this lineup could scare some pitchers just like 2010. 

—San Francisco Giants- Healthy Posey is the key here. They’ve gained more than they’ve lost this off-season (cody what?). They still have 2 sick aces in Lincecum and Cain to go along with up and coming stud Bumgarner. Their lineup should still be good with Posey, Pagan, Pablo, and hopefully Belt can finally come through for them. They could steal the division back this year. 

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